About Us

Nantucket Grocery Boys was found by the owners of Real Time Travelers Concierge Service (RTT Concierge) that has been serving their clients and other travelers going to Nantucket since 2005. This service was designed for our Clients, Vacationers, and Local Families with tight work and travel schedules, visiting the island. (hosting private engagements and need last-minute shopping, a busy day working, or traveling to their vacation homes). Our service gives you peace of mind when they know their groceries will be delivered at their homes before their arrival, not having to find parking and wait in line at the store. The treat to our service makes it more effective for clients arriving late, exhausted after a long day of travel, and stores are closed or packed. The peace of mind and relaxation of this service is that we guarantee the delivery will be at your home and if requested Unpack and Fruits Washed. We will be available from 9am-8 pm daily.


Other services we offer thought RTT Concierge can be booked here (www.rttconcierge.com) picking up To-go-Orders, Dry-cleaning drop off and pick up, and Drive on the ferry or Drive off, Car detailing etc.

Vehicle shipping service is that we come to your homes on the main-land New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Boston area and drive your vehicle to the island for the season and after we can drive it back to you, also giving you the break of worrying about the traffic, long drives and long ferry rides. You can also ship your vehicle to us ahead of your arrival; we can detail your vehicle upon request, get beach inspection done and have it stickered up for the season.